Former Sturgis Burger King To Be An Arby's
Thursday, August 5, 2021

STURGIS TOWNSHIP – The building that used to be the Sturgis Burger King restaurant will be the home to another eatery.

Sturgis Township officials say they have approved a plan for the property, located at 69046 South Centreville Road. The site will be cleared and the building renovated and will become an Arby's Restaurant.

Burger King closed their doors February 18, 2020, four days earlier than the planned closing. Former Sturgis Burger King General Manager Robert Snyder told Swick Broadcasting at that time that Tria Company LLC told the Sturgis staff they were going to close the Burger King and open an Arby's. But the plans changed and Tria announced they were closing down the restaurant. Tria did not own the building, but rented it from another party.

Sturgis Township officials did not say what kind of a timeline had been proposed before the Arby's would be open for business. WBET was able to contact Tria's Director Of Operations Michele Wickens, who says they have no comment regarding the closing of the Sturgis Burger King.


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