A Child’s Call for Help Summons Officers
Tuesday, January 19, 2021

ANGOLA, IN - Area authorities responded to a call for help from a child that resulted in officers being able to “safely” secure the situation with some very unique procedures.

In the early hour of 12 a.m. Monday morning officers with the Angola City Police Department were summoned to a West Mill Street location. Authorities were told a child talking through an open window to a neighbor was asking for the police.

Not knowing what to expect, 3 officers quickly arrived on scene finding what seemed more of a “fire call” in the beginning than what they actually found. First units on the scene found doors at the residence were open and smoke was pouring out of the trailer at the location.

Officers B. Otis, Howe and Sgt Booth rushed into the trailer to find the issue. The family living within this trailer did not have a “safe” heat source. They were using a “patio style” firepit within their residence for HEAT. Smoke had filled every portion of the trailer.

The fire was extinguished. While officer B. Otis began using a piece of cardboard to fan the smoke from the residence, Officer Howe and Sgt. Booth made a trip to Wal-Mart (where employees allowed the officers into the store even though they were closed for normal business). After spending over $100 of their own money, officers purchased “safe” electric heaters.

Once back at the trailer, the new units were plugged in and began to give the family “safe” source of heat.

The procedures in handling this call were certainly unique. Another reminder, a little kindness goes a long way.


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