Halloween 2020
Tuesday, September 22, 2020

UNDATED - Halloween will be a little more spooky than usual this year.

The Halloween skyline will be lit by a blue moon. It will also be the first blue moon in the United States since March 2018.

Despite its name, a blue moon is not necessarily blue. The phrase "once in a blue moon" usually means a rare occurrence that can either be lucky or unlucky.


(10-20-2020) • Turnstone, Trine Partnering to Enhance Region's Speech Therapy Services

(10-20-2020) • Williams County Police Department Identify Offender

(10-20-2020) • Indiana Governor Debate Changed to Virtual Format

(10-19-2020) • Absentee Ballot Deadline

(10-19-2020) • Indiana's Rental Assistance Portal

(10-16-2020) • State accepting applications for the Emergency Solutions Grant CARES Act Rental Assistance Program

(10-16-2020) • Indiana Governor Tests Negative for COVID-19

(10-15-2020) • IN Lawmakers Encourage Communities To Apply For Road Funding Grants

(10-15-2020) • Ohio Cautions Residents Not to Travel to Indiana

(10-15-2020) • Indiana Will Remain in Stage 5 of Reopening for Another Month

(10-15-2020) • Ruling Upheld on Indiana’s Absentee Voting

(10-14-2020) • Whitley County Man Arrested for Child Pornography

(10-12-2020) • Trine's Surgical Technology Facility Earns BCA Award

(10-12-2020) • Indiana Experts Say Manufacturers Have Survived the Pandemic Better Than Other Industries

(10-12-2020) • Report with Recommendations on Teacher Salary Being Withheld Until after Nov. 3rd Election

(10-12-2020) • U.S. Highway 20 Named “Medal of Honor Memorial Highway” Across Indiana

(10-12-2020) • Fort Wayne Man Jailed in Adams County

(10-12-2020) • FWPD Brings Law Enforcement Tech to Trine Campus

(10-09-2020) • AG Hill Joins in Judgment Resolving Community Health Systems Data Breach Investigation

(10-09-2020) • Several Charged with Plotting to Kidnap Michigan Governor and Targeting Police Officers and Michigan Capital

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