Governor Holcomb Issues Proclamation for Forensic Science Week
Monday, September 21, 2020

National Forensic Science Week brings recognition to the role that proper forensic science plays in the investigation of crimes throughout the nation, from exonerating the innocent to identifying the guilty.

Below is the text of Governor Holcomb’s Proclamation:

Whereas, forensic science is a vital public service; and
Whereas, access to quality forensic analysis dramatically improves the investigation of criminal activity, leading to the exoneration of the innocent and the prosecution of the guilty; and
Whereas, forensic science plays a critical role in public outreach and crime prevention, and is evolving in its role as an important member of the criminal justice community; and
Whereas, crime scene investigators, forensic examiners, and forensic scientists provide unbiased, accurate, and reliable analyses of evidence recovered from across the nation; and
Whereas, numerous professional organizations have recognized September 20-26, 2020, as National Forensic Science Week; and individuals across the country will be celebrating; and
Whereas, individuals all across the country will be celebrating this event; and
Whereas, the hard-working people that comprise our forensic science organizations deserve universal regard and appreciation for their commitment to proper scientific investigations for the cause of justice;
Now, therefore, I, Eric J. Holcomb, Governor of the State of Indiana, do hereby proclaim September 20-26, 2020 as Forensic Science Week in the State of Indiana, and invite all citizens to duly note this occasion.
In Testimony Whereof, I hereto set my hand and cause to be affixed the Great Seal of State. Done at the City of Indianapolis, this 4th day of September the year of our Lord 2020 and of the Independence of the United States 245.

By The Governor: Eric Holcomb


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