Indiana State Trooper Rushes into Burning Building
Tuesday, September 15, 2020

SOUTH BEND, IN - This past Saturday night, a passing motorist alerted and Indiana State Trooper to a nearby home that was on fire.

Master Trooper Mickey Dockery was on a traffic stop in the area of Edison Road and Crestwood Boulevard in South Bend, IN when the passing driver alerted him.

Dockery released the driver and quickly found the home on the 3000 block of Edison Road that had the east side of the house and garage fully engulfed in flames.

As Dockery rant toward the front door of the house he saw a male attempting to open the front storm door. Dockery forced the door open, as he did so the male disappeared back into the flaming house explaining that he needed to get his dog out of the house.

Dockery then yelled to see if there was anyone else in the household, when he then spotted a female that appeared disoriented. Dockery successfully got the female out of the house, while doing so he was yelling for the male to exit the smoke filled home.

As Dockery returned to the burning home the male came out still yelling that he needed his dog. A short time later a German Shepherd ran safely from the home.

True to form, Dockery finished out his shift after being medically cleared at a local hospital.


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