Panel Backs Ban On Indiana Drivers Using Handheld Phones
Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A proposal to ban drivers from using handheld cellphones on Indiana roads is advancing in the state Legislature.

A state Senate committee voted 8-1 Tuesday to endorse the bill that only permits cellphone use with hands-free or voice-operated technology, except in emergencies. It would broaden the state’s current ban on texting while driving that officials say is unenforceable and doesn’t include actions such as emailing and using Snapchat or other apps.

The House approved a similar version of the bill last month, which supporters say will help combat distracted driving and prevent many serious crashes.

Indiana Republican Governor, Eric Holcomb introduced the Indianapolis couple during his State of the State speech last month as he called for passage of the handheld cellphone ban. Versions of the measure are in effect in at least 20 states.


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