Angola Services and Budget Committee Discusses ADA Compliance Upgrades
Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The Angola Services and Budget Committee discussed upgrades to city buildings to meet ADA compliance on Monday evening.

The Committee discussed an estimate of $603,000 as a part of an ADA policy and procedure assessment to make each building ADA compliant. The Committee will consider a payment plan of $20,000 for 30 years. The upgrades will be prioritized by high, moderate, and low needs for modifications. Per a request from Pleasant Township, the Committee will open a fire department dedicated fund. The fire department expenses for operating and maitenence currently are paid out of general fund and a LIT public safety fund for 50% of their salaries, wages, and benefits. Revenue from townships currently goes to the general fund, under a new agreement the revenue from townships would into the fire fund and use the LIT public safety fund for the Police Department. Members also discussed an agenda item that from a cost of service study presented to Common Council last month about potential rate increases for utilities within the city limits.

The Angola Services and Budget Committee will gather next on March 16th at 6pm.


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