Cameron Hospital Offers Summer First Aid Tips
By: Beth Swary - Wednesday, August 10, 2022

ANGOLA – Cameron Memorial Community Hospital has provided a list of summer and back-to-school first aid tips for the community.

Director of Cameron’s Emergency Department, Outpatient Clinic and Anticoagulation Clinic, Amber Schiebel stressed the importance of always having a stocked first aid kid on hand.

Schiebel also details common first aid misconceptions like cleaning out cuts or scrapes with soap and water is more effective than using hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol.

She also notes ice packs should never be applied directly to the skin as it can lead to frostbite.

What to Include in a First Aid Kit

(Provided by Cameron Memorial Community Hospital)

Schiebel recommends purchasing a pre-packaged first aid kit from a local convenience store or assembling one yourself. Basic supplies include:

Antiseptic towelettes

Antibiotic ointment

Adhesive bandages

Medical tape

Gauze (squares or rolls)

Instant cold pack

Nonlatex exam gloves



Hand sanitizer

Elastic wrap (ACE bandage)

Tourniquet (if you are trained to use one safely)

Over–the–counter medications like Tylenol, Motrin, Tums and Benadryl

Once the kit is stocked, it should be kept in an easily accessible place in your home. Amber recommends choosing a cool, dry place like the kitchen. It can also be kept wherever there is potential for injury like vehicles, campers or boats. Be sure to keep it out of the reach of young children, especially if medications are inside.

For more information visit www.cameronmch.com/blog/first-aid-tips-for-summer.


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