LaGrange County Council Approves Grant App for Community Corrections
Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The LaGrange County Council gave the green light to Community Corrections to apply for its annual grant from the Department of Corrections.

Executive Director Brett Hayes explained the grant funds the community corrections program, LaGrange Drug Court, the salary for one probation officer in Lagrange County and one in Steuben County.

LaGrange County Prosecutor Greg Kenner told council Community Corrections is a necessary program. He said its not for offenders who commit evil or heinous crimes.

"But then you have other people who just do stupid stuff constantly and this gives us more option on where to put some of these people. Because in our society today, there are half, or maybe 60 percent of the people, I think, that are getting no training as they're growing up and they don't even know the basics of right and wrong. At least (with the program) they're hearing some good things, some positive things."

Funding for the grant comes from the Indiana Department of Corrections budget.