Boots And Shoes Takes A Different Step In 2020
Wednesday, November 25, 2020

STURGIS – An annual event that helps Sturgis children has taken a different step in 2020.

Each Holiday season, the Sturgis Kiwanis Club, Sturgis Elks Club and the Sturgis Key Club along with Willer's Shoes partner together and host the annual Boots And Shoes. It's an evening when Sturgis children, recommended by Sturgis Public Schools, get to have dinner, and visit with Santa. They also receive a gift, along with a hat and gloves. They then go to Willer's Shoes for a pair of socks and a new pair of boots or shoes.

Because of COVID-19, this year's Boots And Shoes can't be done as it has in years past. But the groups still wanted to show how important their partnership and commitment to the community is by helping those in need.

Instead of having children referred by Sturgis Schools, for 2020, the organizations agreed to partner with Rooted of St. Joseph County, according to Sturgis Kiwanis Club President Eric Wynes says Rooted takes children who are being placed in foster care, who have needs before they can be placed. Wynes says they found Rooted to be a good alternative this year and a place they could help.

Wynes says he hopes by 2021, they will be able to do the Boots And Shoes as they have in the past. But if not, they can partner with Rooted Of St. Joseph County once again.


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