LaGrange County Leadership Gets COVID Updated
Tuesday, November 24, 2020

LAGRANGE – LaGrange County leadership received an update Monday on the fight against COVID-19.

During a joint meeting of the LaGrange County Council and the LaGrange County Commission, County Health Officer Dr. Tony Pechin presented some background on the history of COVID-19 in LaGrange County and what has been done to help combat the virus.

Pechin says the County has had a mask ordinance since April and was one of the first countys
in Indiana to have one. He says despite that, the COVID-19 numbers have been going up.

Pechin says it is important that people continue to practice safety guidelines to help keep
COVID numbers down. He also says COVID-19 doesn't care who you are. He says it will get you if you don't practice what you're supposed to, and you can spread it to other people. Pechin says too
many individuals don't understand that this virus causes infection in people without causing
symptoms. Up to 30 percent of adults are walking around without knowing they have COVID.

County Attorney Kurt Bachman reminded the joint body that Health Department has certain powers and authority, which includes the ability to issue injunctions and seek a judgment against a business or individual. They can also seek a financial penalty.

The penalties include a fine of $2,500 for a first violation and $7,500 for a second violation. The Council and the Commission agreed to support the Health Department as they continue to work to remind citizens that they must mask up, and businesses need to enforce the mask ordinance for their customers.


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