Social Media Post Creates Concern on COVID-19 Victim’s Relationship to Steuben County
Friday, March 27, 2020

STEUBEN COUNTY, IN - A social media post made early Friday morning has created a stir of emotions in and around Steuben County concerning an area principal who is allegedly suffering from COVID-19. The post was made by the victim's ex-wife, Trina Wisel, who said the patient is in “intensive care” at a Fort Wayne Hospital. Wisel said she made the post out of concern, but also confirmed with our news team that she does not have power of attorney to speak on the patient's behalf.

Many area residents who read the post were concerned because they assumed the individual was from Steuben County because he is employed in Steuben County. Although the patient works at a Steuben County area school, his county of residence is Allen County according to Wisel.

Since the information evolved this morning on social media, our news team has reached out to the superintendent of schools where the patient works. So far the school has not made any information available to the school district or public.

Public schools and employers have to follow legal protocol and HIPPA laws in order to remain in compliance.

While social media platforms are a means for people to communicate and share information, it’s not always known if the person posting information is credible or not credible. With the COVID-19 pandemic it’s important for area residents to remain calm, and wait for information to mainstreamed through appropriate channels.

As of Thursday, Steuben County Health Department officials have not confirmed any COVID-19 cases related to Steuben County residents.


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