Notre Dame Transfers To Virtual Instruction In Wake of Coronavirus Outbreak
Thursday, March 12, 2020

The University of Notre Dame joined a growing group of higher ed institutions transitioning to online classes due to the COVID-19

Beginning March 23rd through at least April 13 all in-person classes are
suspended and replaced by alternative learning options. There will be no classes next week to allow faculty to make the transition.

All University-sponsored study abroad programs are being suspended, with our students and U.S.-based faculty and staff being returned home safely and as soon as possible.

Students are strongly encouraged to stay or return home rather than
return to campus after Spring Break. Beginning at noon on Tuesday, March 17th, residence halls will be open only to students who receive approval to remain on campus.

University officials will communicate by April 3 whether we can resume
in-person classes after April 13. The official end of the semester remains May 8th and commencement is still scheduled for the weekend of May 15th-17th.

Campus will stay open and provide essential services for those who need
to remain on campus.


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