Indiana Governor Shares Same Concerns As Hoosier State Teachers
Thursday, November 14, 2019

Republican Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb cannot quite promise any quick action in response to educators who want more teacher pay, but he does say that he shares their concerns and respects the decisions of school districts calling off classes for a Statehouse rally next week.

The current plan is for thousands of educators to be calling for the further boost in pay this coming Tuesday. Teacher unions say at least 107 school districts with some 460,000 students, or more than 40% of statewide enrollment, are expected to be closed that day while their teachers attend the event.

Holcomb said it is fully up to school districts if they want to close the day of the union-organized rally.

Numerous school district officials say they’ve decided to shut their doors because so many teachers requested personal time off for the rally that they wouldn’t be able to find enough substitute teachers to cover classrooms. But they also say they support the push by teachers for a bigger boost in school funding and their grievances on other issues.

Large protests have come elsewhere amid a wave of teacher activism that began last year in West Virginia and spread to other states, including Kentucky, Oklahoma and Arizona.


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