Striking GM Workers Question UAW Leaders Integrity
Thursday, September 19, 2019

As the the strike by UAW Workers against General Motors enters its fourth day, a scandal within the UAW has come to the forefront. A corruption scandal inside the UAW has caused distrust of the union leadership among many of its members.

On picket lines at plants all across the country, many of the 49,000 workers have expressed concerns about whether or not the union's leaders are acting in their best interests. Some have even gone as to wonder whether the leadership took them out on strike to show that the union is working for them.

The FBI raided the suburban Detroit home of the UAW president last month, however no charges have been brought forward. Earlier this month, a union official in Missouri was charged in a $600,000 embezzlement scheme, while another leader pleaded guilty to taking kickbacks.

However, the UAW says union members authorized the walkout in a goal of achieving what union members are asking for in more competitive wages, and a better path to full-time employment for temporary workers.


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